ESFA asking providers to re-apply to ‘tougher’ apprenticeship provider register


The government has begun inviting providers to reapply to its refreshed apprenticeship provider register – with the first group informed on Christmas Eve that it must do so by the end of February or face being removed from the register.

All 2,571 organisations currently on the register will be segmented into groups and told to reapply throughout this year – with those that are not delivering training being invited first – under new “tougher” rules being enforced by the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

Is your Organisation ready to meet the New Requirements?

Only ‎providers that meet the tougher registration requirements can access government funding. The‎ move follows a review of the RoATP, taking on board feedback from provider representative bodies, providers and employers, and forms part of the Government’s continued commitment to improving the quality of apprenticeship training.

To secure a place on the RoATP, providers and employers must now prove they have actively traded for 12 months, are financially stable (evidenced by their financial information), skilled and are able to deliver quality apprenticeship training, before they apply, rather than when they begin delivery. The 3-month trading history requirement for supporting providers has been retained to enable new providers to build a delivery track record.

The new register requirements:

All organisations delivering apprenticeship training must be on the RoATP. By August 2019, it will be a funding rule requirement for all subcontractors delivering apprenticeship training to be listed on the RoATP including those delivering less than £100k a year as a subcontractor.

Main providers and employer providers must directly deliver apprenticeship training. Employers and providers that only want to operate as a subcontractor will need to apply to become a supporting provider.

Providers not currently listed on the RoATP that want to be an apprenticeship training provider can apply now, as the RoATP re-opened for applications on the 12th December 2018.

As the register is now open throughout the year, with no closing date, providers only need to apply at the point they are ready to deliver.

All providers currently on the RoATP will have to go through the new process and will be invited them to re-apply in phases during 2019.

Supporting providers (subcontractors) can only receive funding of up to a maximum of £500,000 per year, and this is limited to £100,000 in their first year if they have no recent history of apprenticeship delivery.