It’s official - public sector apprenticeships target set at 2.3 per cent


The government has confirmed that at least 2.3 per cent of the workforce in public sector bodies in England will have to be apprentices, in a move requiring that 200,000 more will have to be recruited by 2020.

The target was provisionally aired a year ago, as part of a consultation on how large a role public bodies should play in meeting the government’s overall target of creating 3 million new apprenticeship starts by 2020.

Skills minister Robert Halfon announced that this would effectively mean setting the public sector a target of recruiting 200,000 more apprentices by 2020, although this won’t apply to FE colleges.

“We are committed to breaking down barriers and creating a ladder of opportunity for people everywhere,” he said. For our public sector to be the very best in the world, we need talented and ambitious people of all ages and from every background. Businesses across the country have well and truly got behind apprenticeships. Now it is time to ensure the public sector reaps the benefits of apprenticeships and young people get the opportunities they deserve.”

You can read the full article on the FE Week website here: public sector apprenticeships target set at 2.3 per cent