National Police Christmas Counter-Terrorism Campaign

The Police national counter-terrorism campaign has been launched, which is an excellent opportunity to consider your organisational arrangements & advice to staff & learners at this busy time of year.

You will be aware that in recent years terrorists have specifically targeted Xmas market type events & at least one plot was foiled here in the East Mid’s (Derby) in December 2016 by our security services. You may also recall the high-profile false alarm event in Oxford Street, London during Xmas 2016. This serves to highlight that although this is a happy & joyful time of the year for most people the large crowds that can be found in many places can be an attractive target for those seeking to commit terrorist atrocities.

There is currently no intelligence that we are aware of that suggests such events are expected and the objective of the Police campaign is to make everyone vigilant without creating fear. This is perhaps well summed up in a quote from the media release –

“This campaign aims to encourage the public to remain vigilant, look out for suspicious behaviour and inform people how to report their concerns, providing a ‘whole society’ approach where police, security staff, retail workers and the public come together to minimise the chance of attacks and mitigate the impact they can have.”

Below is the link to the campaign website which whilst aimed very much at staff & visitors to retail type environments can be equally applicable to some of your own organisations & of course your staff & learners who are very likely to be visiting these locations over coming weeks. We would urge you to review the advice & share with staff & learners in a way that you feel appropriate to your own organisations.

The campaign does make specific reference to some measures that you may want to consider regarding procedural protection of your working environments & this is applicable all year round. If you have not already undertaken a review of your onsite security & procedures, I would urge you to do so (including of course testing the plans & document in your Action Plans that you have done so). Advice is available from the regional network of Counter-terrorism Security Advisors as previously circulated to you

  • Who is appointed to make decisions on the shop floor, and do they know what they’re doing?
  • How do you enter and exit the building in emergency?
  • How do you lock down quickly?
  • Where can you hide?
  • How do you communicate and how do you stay updated if you find yourself in an RHT scenario?
  • Have you briefed your staff?

It may be worth reiterating the Run, Hide Tell advice to staff & learners so that should they find themselves having to respond to real or other incidents they have a plan in mind that will assist their safety & security

As always please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need further advice or have questions about this message provided by, Sam Slack - East Midlands Regional Prevent Coordinator HE/FE (G7) -