Ofsted further education and skills inspection handbook updated

As usually happens for each new academic year, the ‘further education and skills inspection handbook’ has undergone some minor updates and clarifications. 

The revisions clarify the following:

  • Monitoring visits to newly-directly funded providers
  • Monitoring visits for further education and skills providers judged to require improvement
  • Non re-inspection of apprenticeship provision where a college or provider has been found to be inadequate for overall effectiveness and/or inadequate for its apprenticeship provision and that provider has been removed from the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP)/ had its apprenticeship funding terminated
  • Information on learners aged under 16 for the inspection of safeguarding
  • Continuing Ofsted’s focus on the management and quality of sub-contracted provision
  • Users’ views: Online questionnaires
  • Development of a new Education Inspection Framework
  • Ofsted electronic evidence gathering

The slightly revised handbook was published on 30 August and you can download this version here: Revised inspection handbook - We would recommend that you download a copy and read through the latest revisions made to the handbook.