Ofsted new provider monitoring visits

Ofsted is carrying out a programme of monitoring visits to new apprenticeship training providers. When Ofsted has published a monitoring visit report that finds that ‘insufficient progress’ has been made under one or more of the themes assessed, then unless the ESFA identifies an exceptional extenuating circumstance, it will write advising that, with immediate effect, the organisation:

  • Must not start any new apprentices
  • Can continue to deliver training to existing apprentices but must inform all of the existing employers they are working with, and providers they operate as a sub-contractor to, about the Ofsted monitoring visit report
  • Is prevented from working with new apprentices via an existing subcontracting arrangement or entering into a new subcontracting arrangement with another main provider or employer-provider on the register

ESFA will not remove the affected organisation from the register.

If Ofsted has raised concerns about safeguarding in a monitoring visit report to a new provider, and identified a significant risk to apprentices, the ESFA reserves the right to remove an organisation from the register and stop all current and future apprenticeship delivery. This would require employers to move all apprentices to other providers.

The affected organisation will be unable to recruit any new apprentices until Ofsted has undertaken a full inspection and the assessment grade for that inspection is at least ‘requires improvement’ for “apprenticeships” (or for “overall effectiveness” under its FE and skills remit where there is no separate apprenticeships grade).

Where Ofsted undertakes a further monitoring visit ahead of a full inspection to assess progress on safeguarding and finds that the organisation is making at least ‘reasonable progress’ in that theme, and that theme was the only one where the organisation had been found to be making ‘insufficient progress’ at the time of the original monitoring visit, the ESFA would usually expect to remove the restrictions imposed on the affected organisation at that point.