Prevent update regarding National Action (NA)

Work-Based Learning News
Work-Based Learning News

We have been sent a national briefing document produced by the Police providing an update on National Action (NA), the right wing group that were proscribed (formally classed as a terrorist group) last December. The document clarifies some offences relating to NA & also that they appear to have rebranded themselves as "NS131". The police are asking for you to be aware of this & also to share any activity, materials etc that may appear at or close to your premises.

For those of you who filter & monitor IT in line with the Statutory Duty may wish to flag this rebranding to your IT departments (or check with off-site providers) so that this can be included in their list of monitored or blocked materials. There is already a host of NS131 videos & images on the internet that can easily be found by staff/students & it would be wise to warn them of the dangers of such materials. Whilst not at this time unlawful, NS131, may indicate a link to or support for a banned terror organisation (NA).

Also attached is an image of a poster that has recently been found in Sheffield for awareness. The group in question, "The Lion Rises", may be another attempt to circumvent the proscription of NA.

If have any queries or require further information please don't hesitate to contact Sam Slack, East Midlands, S Yorks, Humber & North East HE/FE Prevent Lead - Derby City Council