Proposals for Apprenticeship funding from May 2017 have been released today.

The much anticipated Apprenticeship funding proposals have now been released and can be found on the website here:

As we were aware, the apprenticeship levy will apply to all UK employers in both the private and public sectors who pay annual pay bills of more than £3 million.

The document explains who the levy affects, how much will need to be paid and what happens once the money has been collected. Comments can be submitted regarding the proposals, with the final support package to be confirmed in October 2016.

The paper also gives information for all employers on the proposed apprenticeships funding support package that will operate in England from May 2017. It includes:

  • How much employers will be able to spend on each apprenticeship
  • The rules employers will need to follow

There is also a list of apprenticeships approved for delivery which will help you check which training frameworks have been approved for 2017 along with a tool that allows you to see which of the 15 new funding bands an apprenticeship has been allocated to.